Varden announces a new level of barrier performance with Paperseal

Varden announced its new line of high performance packaging in Melbourne, Australia today. This is a range of packaging solutions based on Varden’s proprietary paper thermoforming process, which creates an amazing seal for flavour and freshness. The paper packaging is bio-based, fully sustainable and recyclable or compostable. Because it is paper that looks, feels and tears like paper it has a high level of consumer cut-through. Stuart Gordon our GM of Research said:-

Paper as a material, is thousands of years old and everyone has an intrinsic understanding of how it is natural and safe: with our technology, we have evolved it to a high performance material so we can use it to replace single use plastic packaging.

Paperseal packaging can achieve an Oxygen barrier of below 0.1ppm / 24hr, and a Water Vapour transmission rate of below 5ppm/ 24hr, which takes it into the realm of plastics’ performance , but with all the benefits of a natural material. This positions Paperseal as a sustainable cost-effective alternative to PVC and PET packaging.