Plant based

Natural. Grown. Not from oil, and no micro-plastics. our sustainable packaging is all plant-based.  Our corporate customers know that consumers prefer sustainable packaging, either compostable or recyclable or both. Increasing legislation like the EU Plastic packaging levy, is also making this the most attractive and cost effective option

Plant Based

We say plant based because we make paper but not from trees. Our paper is made from post-agricultural waste, where the food part has been taken away:- we can use sugar cane residue, wheat straw, rice straw or other waste to make our paper which still has the tactile appeal of natural paper that consumers love.

High Performance

High performance means that we can create packaging with a very high oxygen barrier and water vapour barrier. You can see the full details here. With an oxygen barrier of below 1ppm/24hrs our paper packs can be used for pharmaceuticals, neutraceuticals and foods that oxidise like chocolate or coffee.

high performance

We also engineer our packs for high speed manufacture and filling lines, running millions or billions of packs. We prototype in house, and have a production facility to prove out line speed and low-millions user trails. We work hand in hand with OEM suppliers and third parties to commercialise our packs inside the customer’s existing supply chain.


We specialise in complex 3D shapes. We can replicate an existing format from plastic or aluminium, like the blister pack for pills, or we can work with the brand to re-design the pack entirely so that it is more suited to our fibre and coating lines for optimal manufacture. 3D moulded fibre packs can replace injection moulded plastic, and also offer outstanding shelf standout. We also work with legislators and industry bodies to get the necessary market approvals and certificates, for full commercialisation.


Our flagship Paperseal paper is suited for a range of applications, including MAP for foodstuffs.

We can also supply our specific patented coating and apply this as a varnish or laminated film onto our partner’s existing paper packs to increase their barrier properties for packs like Flow-Wrap, so that they make claims like “100% plant based” and “sustainable/ recyclable” to their customers.