Varden launch the Paperseal brand, “So, who is Bob?”

Bob is the collective noun for a group of seals, and Varden have chosen a seal as the brand image for their new B2C brand: ‘Paperseal’.

Beyond the obvious play on words (Paper that Seals in Flavour) Varden chose the origami seal motif because it has a simple childlike purity that aligns with the brand aspirations. Varden has now achieved Registered Copyright status for the brand and the logo, and aims to use both as part on an “Ingredient Branding” strategy, (in the same way as “Intel Inside”) to add credibility to what is a revolutionary product in the customer’s eyes. Varden has use the leading Australian agency “Scooter” to create an animated brand story that can support consumer choice and recognition of the Paperseal brand.

Click here to see the animation, which uses the same cut paper silhouette idea as Japanese Kirigami to convey the Paperseal message:- that a simple natural material can replace plastic and be better for the planet, because of the high-tech that we put into our paper.